Sunday, July 31, 2011

Its an art...

For the last few weeks, i have been on UNI holidays. I spent some time back at home with my family, friends and some sunshine. Back in Sydney i have been interning, work, collecting, scouring, sleeping, coffe drinking, reading and just doting around my pretty little neighbourhood. But i have a new little obsession thats sneaked into my list of life's loves. It's the art of arranging flowers. I have always loved flowers, but who doesn't really? a instant mood lifter and room enhancer. My grandmother called me a monalepty when i was little because i use to rid her garden of flowers like the hungry little bugs. Constantly picking them, only to find a more absubrate one of the next stem.

There are some amazing blogs, books and stores dedicated to it, and its so enthrawling. I have always been a bit of a nanna, so this may just be another component to my slightly aged persona. I thought i'd share a few photos with you. 

I  started off collecting them without realising so i don't have refrences to where they are from.

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  1. so lovely georgia!! i always wish I bought more flowers, they just make everything look and smell so lovely.

    im sorry about today!! but I definitely want to hang out.. when are you free this week? afternoon tea at all? XXX

    ps also do you read this blog? you might like :)