Monday, November 9, 2009


Linda Alfvegren: Photo's

Linda has some really amazing photos, check her website for more!! xx

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More from Leigh Lezark

 In Chanel! <3 <3 

Swift slash dash cash

Frida Gustavsson:

Hey there sweet cheeks.

I did notice she is wearing the same shoe's (And Bag) in each photo 
(Must be her Fav or most comfortable for running around in between shows.. Sigh :)

Star Gazing!!

Editor of Australian Harper's Bazaar: Christine Centenera


Backstage at Alexander Wang !! 
Love, Love, Love xx


When these babies arrived at the Vogue U.K this is what they had to say!! 
"The python version of Alexander McQueen's spring 2010 runway shoes just arrived at British Vogue's offices. They are called the "armadillos" and actually measure twelve inches, not ten as previously reported. The staff tried them on "but miserably failed to make it further than the Vogue fashion cupboard." As soon as they get to our offices, we will gladly videotape ourselves trying to walk in them for your viewing pleasure. No embarrassment or carnage will be censored." How did the models walk in them, they are mesmerising but in no means do they come close to practical or for that matter walk-able. McQueen had an amazingly out of the world show. (Literally) Every time I look at it I think of star-trekking across the universe, in a respectable way!! I really do take my hat off to the Models; they are much more than just pretty faces walking in these torture devices would have required the fine art of skill and a large mix of bravery!!  

LOL :)

Cate Blanchett!

Our Cate is featured on the U.S December Vogue!! Looking very festive with the gold and red!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Miroslava Duma!!!

This Russian is amazing, i know she has been circling on a few blogs for a while now!! But i wouldn't classify her as old news, so i'll grant her a post!!
The blogging Business is rather new to me, but i believe she deserves to be posted!!! :) ENJOY

Mix and Match!!

Uk Vogue May 2009!
Such a pretty picture! Jessica Stam is amazingly stunning, and all these prints and jewels have got me thinking summer days!! I can't wait!!! :) 

Interview with Karl:

The full Interview with Mr Lagerfeld is at interview-magazine!! I didn't cut much, it's all too good!! He really is a genius, some of his answers are so insightful and yet he seems to remain calm like his words are just words, i would of had a moment of revelation. 
"I want only to do what I haven’t done" oh and we can't wait for you to check the things you haven't done off your  list!!!
LAGERFELD: Do you know that your name comes from a half-goddess in Nothern mythology?
AGREN: No, I didn’t know that. Okay, my turn to ask you a question: Do you have a favorite piece in the Fall 2009 Lagerfeld collection?
LAGERFELD: This I can only tell you when our show is over, because as long as the show isn’t over, you can never get an impression. It is so difficult for me to say. My opinion can be completely different after a show.
AGREN: Very nice. Where does your inspiration come from when you’re working on a collection?
LAGERFELD: A collection is not just one basic idea. It comes from something that is in the air, something you suddenly like and put down on paper and then work out. People today are so used to taking one theme and staying with it all the way. I don’t do that. It’s about cut, about construction. I wanted shoulder, but a new volume, so I made what I call the Big Shoulder. I’m more interested in working out technical ideas than I am in themes or illustrating a scene or a country or whatever.
AGREN: If you could do anything in your life over again, what would it be?
LAGERFELD: I don’t want to do anything over again, ever again. I want only to do what I haven’t done. There’s no “again.” There’s only the future. I hate the past—especially my own past.
AGREN: Is there anything you haven’t done that you’d like to?
LAGERFELD: Hmm . . . yes. I have got to stay with what I’m doing now . . . [hits hand on table] this collection . . . [hits hand on table] photography . . . [hits hand on table] books. There are three jobs for one person and that is okay for me.
AGREN: Do you have an all-time favorite musician who you’ve loved forever?
LAGERFELD: Yes. Some of the musicians from the ’60s, because there has been nothing better than them since, you know? What I like about music is the songs you can remember the lines of in a single second. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones . . . You can remember every line to their songs. But today, how often do you remember any of the lines to songs? I mean, I know Lily Allen’s last album is called It’s Not Me, It’s You. [both laugh] But I don’t know how the songs go.
AGREN: Where do you feel most at home?
LAGERFELD: Wherever I am now. Here.
AGREN: Here? At the fittings?
LAGERFELD: Yes, I don’t have the notion of the feeling of “home,” or “Heimat,” as the Germans say. That doesn’t exist for me. I bring myself with me wherever I go, so it’s okay.
AGREN: Okay. How do you look when you wake up?
LAGERFELD: That’s why I sleep alone. My hair is curly, and that’s why I have my ponytail. I look like a madman, like something out of a horror movie! But I’m very impeccable and clean before I go to bed. It’s just like right before I’m going out. When I was a child, my mother always told me that you could wake up in the middle of the night and be deathly sick, so you always have to be impeccable. I laugh about it now, but I think everyone should go to bed like they have a date at the door.
AGREN: What advice would you give me on becoming a supermodel?
LAGERFELD: That’s very difficult. I’m not a girl, but for a supermodel, my advice is that it’s based on . . . [hits hand on table] no justice. It’s not because you want to be a supermodel, or because your mother thinks you’re a hundred times better than Claudia Schiffer. You can be a model like yourself, very elegant and chic, or you can become a kind of advertising PR person, like Heidi Klum. You can do whatever you want, but it isn’t really your choice. You want to know what the real secret is?
AGREN: Tell me.
LAGERFELD: It’s not being perfect. What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second. That’s why the girls who were famous in the ’90s can still work for advertising. People know their faces. The little blonde Russian, Sasha [Pivovarova], has a face people can remember instantly, but for other models today, people think, Is she this one or that one? It’s very difficult, but, you see, in fact there is no advice, because all circumstances are very different. It depends on what you are ready to give, the kind of life you bring, what may be exciting or disappointing . . . You can’t accuse anyone of not doing enough to help you, because, besides yourself, there’s nothing anyone can do. You have to be given what’s needed by nature, and what’s needed is to bring something new. But it’s the most . . . [hits hand on table] unjust . . . [hits hand on table] thing in the world.
AGREN: Thank you so much, Karl.
LAGERFELD: Well, it’s true, isn’t it?

Wang's Latest Bash:

Maryna Linchuk and Natasha Poly in Alexander Wang with the designer
" Thursday night when he co-hosted a party with Natasha Poly and Victoria Traina for interior designer Ryan Korban, the second floor of the Soho Grand was a veritable casting call for one of his shows...."This is chill compared to my after party," laughed Wang as he glanced around"

Queen KK

I first came across Miss Karlie Kloss when she was featured on the cover of RUSSH (24)!!
Since then she has been everywhere, (or i only then clued in to her), she is one of my Fav's with those long legs (I know thats a standard feature of most models, but hers are different) that versatile amazing hair and defying eyes, she is a true beauty.

Karlie became the face of  ChloĆ©, fall 2009. Photographed by Mikael Jansson. 

The face of Marc Jacobs Lola fragrance, 2009. Photographed by Juergen Teller. 

In a W editorial, June 2009. Photographed by Craig McDean. 
In a British Vogue editorial, August 2009. Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier
In a Vogue editorial, September 2009. Photographed by Steven Klein
In an Italian Vogue editorial, September 2009. Photographed by Craig McDean.

In a Vogue editorial. Photographed by David Sims.

Cheers to seeing more of her!!


My love for along time now has been focused on ACNE. (Like most who live in the world of fashion)!!!

Last ready to wear collection (Fall 2009) Produced this:

And now they have raised the stakes with spring 2010:

The silver nickel armor detail on the knees, has created a new image for denim!!!
ACNE oh how we love you, and Jonny Johansson you are AMAZING!!
"He worked in loose silks for drop-crotch pants and tie-dyed, scrunched textures, sharpening the look with cropped jackets and several variations on cutaway vests. He also set about elaborating on and elevating Acne denim by sending jeans to the British jeweler Husam El Odeh, who came back with flexible silver nickel plates to bolt on as knee armor and back-pocket patches. There were also signature suedes and one great dusty-gray jacket with a fringe in back. But it was the two narrow, languid floor-length silhouettes—one in body-skimming ivory jersey, the other in pale beige crepe with long sleeves and shoulder pads—that best conveyed the relaxed but subtly glamorous aura.." - Sarah Mower (Vogue)

Paris fashion week pavement!!

Video from
The last lovely lady on the clip, (You may of noticed the accent) was indeed paris-based designer Michelle Jank, but yes us Aussie's can claim her. It seems from the info she provided that she is not designing at the moment.
I tried to round up some more information but google has failed to shed further insight!!
Here are a few sample's of her Spring/Summer 08/09 collection:

I'm not saying it was fantastic, but it does have a nomadic feel about it, a clash with the outer-space silver hair (which is cool), she did say she like's to put things that are unconventional together. :)
But her Jewels take the cake, they are rather amazing!!

-Michelle Jank (Street-style)


*** i L-O-V-E the suede, ruche take on the peep toe bootie's, the loose floral dress that seems to sweep round the bottom and the contrasting NECKPIECE!
With the simple hair and makeup!! Nothing could be more perfect for Summer in Aus!!***

Friday, November 6, 2009

Channeling Mrs De Vil

Hannelore Knuts Is Cruella De Vil In Vogue Italia September 2009:

It's the Principle!!

H&M has a new collaboration on its hands, with none other that the shoe king himself 'Jimmy Choo!!!'

With the recent arrival of TOPSHOP in the land down under, would it be too much to ask for another international chain store to hit our foreign shores? 
I THINK NOT! We are just as good as France, Germany and Britain.ect.ect
(Sometimes I think we are better :)
 So come on Mr. Choo what do you say about sharing some affordable love??

Model: Bregje Heninen

This new face covered Adam, Alberta Ferretti, Aquilano e Rimondi, Balenciaga, Celine, Chloe, Donna Karan, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Gabriele Colangelo, Gareth Pugh, Gucci, Jo No Fui, Just Cavalli, Karl Lagerfeld, Kenzo, Lanvin, Les Copains, Louis Vuitton, Marchesa, Missoni, Miu Miu, Ports 1961, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, Rochas, Sophia Kokosalaki, Sportmax, Stella McCartney and Willow for Spring/Summer 2010 in Paris Fashion week 2009!!! 

"Baby's got blue eye's"

Fendiiiii :)

JESSICA STAM: For FENDI Fall/Winter 2009/2010 Ad Campaign:
FUR - Check
FENDI -check!