Monday, October 25, 2010

Chloe: Teen.


I just finished reading "Dear Diary" by Lesley Arfin; I have been meaning to read it for ages now... It was really very good. Worth the wait... It was raw, hilarious and horribly sad. Chloë introduces the book and I had to re-read her intro when I finished the book, it was more potent after being exposed to Arfin's addiction. 


  I recommend this movie, it was really different. I went and saw it with my flat mate Sara, we were both a little apprehensive during the film, it was really unusual but it lingered. Go see it for yourself, such an interesting and disturbed character. Surrounded by amazing women!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Its funny, but minimal dressing always leaves you wanting more. 

We have progressed from the Celine camel minimal collection of 2009 and now each designer is giving us their version... 
I was a big fan of Phoebe Philo's return and I think its safe to say that it was an iconic gesture for fashion in general, and now we are all reaping the rewards of change and this new form.
1. 3.1 Phillip Lim
2. Jeremy Laing
images from

Marina Munoz:

Black and White bliss....

Natalia Alaverdian

I appreciate this lady. She is grand. 

Friday, October 22, 2010


This is the new blog i will be doing, for a store on the north coast. 



Thursday, October 14, 2010

A new Knight:

A worthy successor was crowded as Sarah Burton presented her first collection after the death of her mentor and friend Alexander McQueen.

The style and silhouette of the collection was unwaveringly iconic for the house, but the lightness and aesthetic of the pieces presented a unique first glimpse of Burton’s own vision.

The pale models with their loose long braids and soft expressions, contrasted to deep royal hues and clean creams. The perfectly placed layers of painted feathers and leather leaves gave a sense of new life and were if not purposely used seemed to define the feel of the collection.

Long white dresses, gold adorned black suits, decadent royal print structured jackets over loose sheer skirts in the same print, amazingly detailed gowns, and just the right amount of skin revealed through cut away prints and buttoned up jackets.

The perfect transition collection, a new era for the McQueen house. 

Monday, October 11, 2010


During my borders visit today, I was shocked when instead of carelessly flicking through the ads to get to the editorial goodies I found myself indulging in them.... Ads are stepping up in the world. 
Will show other examples tomorrow but I thought I’d start with Balenciaga 
(A/W 2010/11) 
Hooray... no more flicking for me.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stolen Girlfriends..

A liberal sprinkling of seventies subcultures peppered the Stolen Girlfriends Club show at New Zealand Fashion Week. The cream arrays of fur, silk, wool and lace teamed with classic cuts, rolled stockings and floral embellishments make sweet sweet looks.

Friday, October 8, 2010

because you do it well..

Leigh Lezark at Chanel. 
I like her best wearing chanel.

Lining the runway...littered by style

1. Caroline Sieber.
2. Astrid Berges-Frisbey.

Kicking it oldschool.....

Kate and Chloe...Iconic then, icons today. This photo is GREAT. I know this is a cliché, but its sooo bad its good. The matching shoes, the undies, the hair and the sheer layers... what could be better. Life was simple, no mess and no dramas, just good clean 90s style fun.
.(Well thats how i remembered it?)

Tea time...

Take 5, relax... read a book, do some internet shopping, have a tea? Doing it model style backstage..
1. Abbey. 
2. Karlie.
3. Frida 

Jess Hart


Wednesday, October 6, 2010