Sunday, November 8, 2009


When these babies arrived at the Vogue U.K this is what they had to say!! 
"The python version of Alexander McQueen's spring 2010 runway shoes just arrived at British Vogue's offices. They are called the "armadillos" and actually measure twelve inches, not ten as previously reported. The staff tried them on "but miserably failed to make it further than the Vogue fashion cupboard." As soon as they get to our offices, we will gladly videotape ourselves trying to walk in them for your viewing pleasure. No embarrassment or carnage will be censored." How did the models walk in them, they are mesmerising but in no means do they come close to practical or for that matter walk-able. McQueen had an amazingly out of the world show. (Literally) Every time I look at it I think of star-trekking across the universe, in a respectable way!! I really do take my hat off to the Models; they are much more than just pretty faces walking in these torture devices would have required the fine art of skill and a large mix of bravery!!  

LOL :)

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