Monday, November 22, 2010

RUSSH Jan-Dec 2010/11

The main fashion photos, that if i recall aren't in the magazine. Well the last one is featured.  

I like to wait until someone else has blogged about the new Russh before I talk about it... 
It feels wrong to mention it before others have seen the cover! 
As you might have guessed the theme is very "iconic", I think it’s the best issue this year! 
A great and memorable end to a very crazy annual. 
ENJOY and get your hands on it today!!! 
(If you ever wanted to know what the Russh team is like, I think this issue is them in a nutshell. Not that they don’t put all of themselves into each issue, they are amazing working and creative machines. But this issue is about those who inspire them the most, what better way to understand what or more importantly who makes them tick...) 

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